Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ivan Ramesis Perez Mayrina

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Date of Birth: December 23, 1976

Place of Birth: Angeles City

Professional Experience:


Segment Producer, Unang Hirit, June 2000

Anchor, GMA News Live, September 2000

Reporter, GMA News, January 2001 to present

* Highlights of career

Erap arrest at Polk St.

May 1 siege with Jiggy Manicad

Quezon train tragedy

Davide impeachment

* Work prior to GMA

Training officer, Ayala Life Insurance, Inc. Corp.

(joined the company as management trainee after graduation in July 1997)

Awards/Recognition Received

Consistent honor student (grade school and high school)

Champion, impromptu speaker (high school)

Educational Background

BA Communication Research, College of Mass Communication (UP Diliman, April 1997)

Seminars/Training Programs

CNN SeminarCustomer Service

Training the triainer

Fundamentals of Financial services


Effective presentation skills

Extracurricular Activities

Columnists, “Yuppie Talk,” The Manila Bulletin

Freelance host for Corporate Events

Interests: Cars, sports, music, fashion


Why did you choose to become a broadcast journalist?

The fulfillment of telling stories: about people, about events that shape history, that mold opinions, that make a difference

What do you consider as the turning point in your career?

When Jiggy got hit during the May 1 siege, I was literally “forced”, under the circumstances, to stand in, and deliver my first live report.

If you weren’t in media, what kind of career would you have?

Probably a car dealer

What is your biggest frustration/ regret?

That I am only one voice that can only do so much to effect change in the rotten state of affairs in this country

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a broadcast journalist?

Every person, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, has an interesting story to tell. .

What is your most unforgettable moment/experience as a journalist in GMA?

Living like a soldier for a day in the jungles of Basilan

What are you most proud of?

Really, it’s being with GMA. I’m proud of the way we do things around here. It’s not perfect, but it’s working quite well.

What do you still want to achieve?

Ultimately, it is to be respected not only as a credible journalist, but as a person who has a genuine heart for people.

What is your advice to aspiring broadcast journalists?

Speak. Write and develop that true passion to communicate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:50 AM  
Blogger Randy P. Valiente said...

bat may resume dito? ano to mag aaply sa yo?

1:00 AM  
Blogger Aria said...

Hi Ivan, I've been an avid fan of your's hmmm just recently when i saw your segment in Pinoy abroad, when you went to Taiwan, i just saw the jolly and childish side of you, and i said to myself makulit ka din pala....kala ko your consistent serious, at pinapanoud na kita parati haha....good luck!

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ivan , i think we are batchmate at hau during h.s , i still remember ur gf hat time when we were first yr hs named grace, my clasmate section I-104

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ultimate crush- sinusubaybayn kita sa tv lalo ng flash report dati and yung extra challenge noon marunong k pla magplantsa hehe-- nung nag abroad ako pag napapanood ka ni mama sa tv naalala nya ko dhl alam nya crush kita.

11:38 PM  

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